Gully Boy Full Movie

Movies Released in Month of March 2019

On the 1st of March, there are a lot of movies that are going to get released in India. No matter what region, or which Regional Industry, there is an equal amount of craze with the audience. Now, we are here to help you through the best movies that are getting a release in the Indian Cinema Industry.

Gully Boy Full Movie

Gully Boy Movie

Gully Boy is one of the most promoted movies. This movie represents the story of Gully Rap scenes in Mumbai. On the 1st Day, the movie grossed around 23 Cr, which is considered as a good movie. It features Ranveer Sing in the lead role along with Alia Bhatt. As the movie is just released in February, As a result, will have to wait for a while for its availability. Click here for Gully Boy Full Movie Download.

Luka Chuppi Movie

Luka Chuppi is about 2 people leaving together in life in relation to a fake marriage. Now when everyone gets to know about this, the situation changes. Finally, they will have to marry each other so that they can prove their marriage is true. This is really a fun watching movie. Click here for Luka Chuppi Full Movie Download.

Total Dhamaal Movie

Total Dhamaal is 2019’s best comedy movie directed by Indra Kumar. This movie also becomes a comeback for Madhuri Dixit in comedy movies. Along with Madhuri, we have Ajay Devgn, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey, Esha Gupta and Anil Kapoor in lead roles. This is a quest of all these individuals to find 50 Cr in Goa. So, who will get the money is still a question. Click here for Total Dhamaal Full Movie Download.

Kavaludaari Movie

Kavaludaari is a Kannada movie featuring Anant Nag, Rishi and Suman Ranganathan in the lead roles. Whereas the movie is directed by Hemant Rao and is a suspense Kannada movie. The story of this movie is about a Police officer Muthanna (Anant) who plans to reopen a case, which turns his life upside down. This movie has a mysterious story and is a worth watching movie. Click here for  Kavaludaari Full Movie Download.

Perfume Movie

Perfume is an interesting romantic movie which does have some great comedy too. Directed by Karan Tandale, the story is about Monalisa Bagal and Omkar Dixit. Omkar who has a small perfume business at his home and one day decides to demonstrate it in college. During that he meets Monalisa and both of them fall in love. The only obstacle is their uncle whom they have to convince.  Click here for  Perfume Full Movie Download.

Hamid Movie

Hamid is one of the movies that everyone should watch. This movie talks about an 8-year-old kid who wants to know the meaning of 786. To know who is behind that number, he keeps dialing it. One day, when someone picks it he asks about his existence and why is war in his presence. Hamid is an amazing movie directed by  Aijaz Khan, whereas the read role in the movie is an 8-year-old boy, Arshad Reshi. Click here for  Hamid Full Movie Download.

Yajamana Movie

Yajmana is a Kannada Movie with a lot of action drama. This movie is about a businessman who runs a small business in a small village.  Darshan, Rashmika Mandanna and Tanya Hope who are playing the lead role in this movie have done an amazing job. Darshan characters life changes when Devi Shetty comes in his life. He claims his company as his own and to get it back Darshan has to fight back. Click here for  Yajamana Full Movie Download.

Mithai Movie

Mithai is a Telugu comedy movie directed by Prashant Kumar. This movie featuring Priyadarshi in the lead role. Priyadarshi is playing a character who gets fired and robbed a few days before his marriage. This makes his life up and down. The robber takes everything he had, which get him in a crazy challenge to not get married until he finds the robber. Click here for Mithai Full Movie Download.

Sonchiriya Movie

Sonchiriya is an action drama Bollywood movie directed by Abhishek Chaubey. Whereas Sonchiriya features multiple like   Sushant Singh Rajput, Bhumi Pednekar, Manoj Bajpayee, Ranvir Shorey and Ashutosh Rana in the lead role. This movie revolves around a small town in MP which is ruled by Dacoits. This movie shows the battle between the Dacoits and their fight with the government. Click here for Sonchiriya Full Movie Download.

Dokyala Shot Movie

Dokyala Shot is a comedy Marathi movie about a man whose life changes after he loses his memory. All this happens a few weeks before his marriage. Now all of his friends are helping him to get his memory back. During this process, a lot of things happens which is quite funny. Now the question is, will he be able to get back his memory. Click here for  Dokyala Shot Full Movie Download.

90 ML Movie

90ML is an interesting and quite a bold Tamil movie. This movie is about 5 women who is happy and enjoying their life. Out of which, one woman Anson Paul falls in love with Oviya. Where all 5 of them use drugs to enjoy their life, they fall in a huge trap which becomes hard for them to get out of. Click here for 90ML Full Movie download.

Ashi Hi Ashiqui Movie

A romantic Marathi movie, Ashi Hi Ashiqui is about Swayam and Amraja. Ashi Hi Ashiqui is directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and the story is about two friends Swayam and Amaraja. The movie has a lot of drama when Swayam starts getting feeling for Amarja. But, when he proposed her he gets no reaction. Now Swayam is on a journey to tell his feeling to her. Click here for Ashiqui Full Movie Download.

Thai Curry Movie

A comedy Bengali Film, Thai Curry about 4 happily living friends. One day their life takes a U-turn when they get kidnapped by a local Thai gangster. During this, they come across a lot of issues and their only hope to get back is their last unknown friends who have to fight a bought to free everyone. Every Time they try to escape they get caught. This is a really fun Bengali movie that everyone should watch. Click here for Thai Curry Full Movie Download.

Thadam Movie

Tadama is a Tamil thriller drama movie directed about a man who gets involved in a murder he hasn’t done. The director of this movie is  Magizh Thirumeni and Arun Vijay and Tanya Hop in the lead role. One day Arun’s character in this movie gets involved in a murder, who he gets blamed for. Arun is now on a journey to prove his innocence. Click here for Thadam Full Movie Download.

118 Movie

118 is a Telugu action thriller movie written and directed by K. V. Guhan. The film follows Kalyan Ram and Shalini Pandey play a much-in-love couple. Lead actor Nivetha Thomas is playing the role of a woman who’s in trouble. Later, lead actor Kalyan Ram keeps looking for her without knowing if she exists or not. Click here for 118 Full Movie Download.

The Gambinos Movie

The Gambinos is based on a real-life story about an NYC based criminal family called Gambinos. Directed by Girish Panicker and Matta the movie talks about how a mother goes to the extreme to save her family. In the lead role are  Vishnu Vinay, Radhika Sarathkumar and Sampath Raj. While saving her family she has to go through a lot of trouble and this is what the movie is all real-life out. Click here for The Gambinos Full Movie Download.

The Hacker Movie

The Hacker is a thriller  Bengali Cinema Thriller about some hackers from Kolkata. They initially hack everyone social profile and bank account. One day they plan to do something big and hacks everything that is digital in Kolkata. To solve this, the Kolkata government calls  Kabir Ali a RAW agent starts to investigate the issue. Click here for The Hacker Full Movie Download.

Guddiyan Patole Movie

Guddiyan Patole is a comedy Punjabi movie directed by Vijay Kumar Arora, whereas in the lead role we have Gurnam Bhullar, Sonam Bajwa, and Tania. This is a story about two girls who come from Canada to visit their village. During their visit, they plan to take their grandma to Canada to show their life to her. During the Journey,  a lot of comedy things happens, which is interesting to watch. Click here for Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download.

Badla Movie

2019 most awaited movie, Badla is finally out in theaters and is receiving good reviews from the audience. The movie directed by Sujoy Ghosh, whereas   Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsee Pannu are playing the lead role in the movie. Badla is their 2nd movie after Pink which was released in 2016. Overall, Badala is a worth watching movie about an unknown murder case that Amitabh Bachchan is investigating. Click here for Badla Full Movie Download.

There are several movies released in 2019. Get to know all the news and updates. We sincerely do not support piracy and watching movies online or downloading it.

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